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Dovecote Party | Uva | 7 May 2022

The Dovecote Party takes place on 7 May in the village of Uva, in the municipality of Vimioso, and has a rich and diverse programme that fills the whole day and is for everyone.

A pedestrian walk, workshops for children, guided tours to dovecotes, theatre, concert, handicrafts and gastronomy are some of the activities and experiences that you can enjoy, on this day of the village and that intends to bring generations together to celebrate the local culture, heritage, beliefs, art and community.

The Dovecote Party, which is part of the celebration of the Divine Holy Christ, is organised by Palombar - Nature and Rural Heritage Conservation, the Uva Festivities Committee 2021/2022, Uva Parish Council and Vimioso Municipality.

See the programme below and join us on this memorable day!
Come celebrate with us the Dovecote Party!



09:30 Walking Tour (AndaCamino)
10:30 Interpretative walk through Uva (Palombar)
12:30 Lunch together
14:00 Children workshop (Palombar)
15:00 Religious Celebrations in Honour of Divine Holy Christ - Sung Mass and Procession
17:00 Musical Performance "Pauliteiros de Miranda (Duas Igrejas)" and "Bardos de Mindelo"
18:30 Theatre play "Diç que Diç" (TRETAS)
19:00 Walking Tour (AndaCamino)
20:00 Dinner Caldo Verde (Portuguese green soap) and Bifanas (Traditional sandwiches with pork meat)
21:30 Fire Manipulation Show (Art'Encena)
22:30 Concert with Trasga
00:30 DJ
Ongoing: Market